Welcome to the Developing History Website

     "Developing History" was created to provide an accessible, historical photographic documentation of the buildings and landscapes of the Williamsport, PA area.

     The history of Williamsport is timeless. It is developing as the city grows and changes right before our eyes.  On these pages, we remember the past, appreciate our present and look forward to our promising future.

   Here, you can explore the architectural beauty of the past and present landmarks of Williamsport, in a "then and now" format.  Through the appreciation of this beauty, we have diligently studied each vintage photograph and reproduced, as closely as possible, the same angles and perspectives as the original.

     This page would not be possible without the support and enthusiasm of all who are involved.  Below are just a few of the people who helped to make this happen:
  • James V. Brown Library
  • Kiski Spider Web Designs

     A special thanks also goes to all the wonderful people of Williamsport who have been so kind to our photographers on the street and shared their stories, photos and memories with them. 
     As you meander through the pages here, you will find those pictures, stories and memories peppered throughout.
 If you see one of our photographers, be sure to say hi, introduce yourself and stop and talk for awhile.

*Photos on the home page are courtesy of Nancy Aunkst-Ackley.