Map 2

Courtesy, James V. Brown Library, Williamsport, PA

321 High Street
The photo on the left is undated. The picture on the right was taken April 2017. The house is over 120 years old and is
known as the Mackey House. Joseph H. Mackey owned Mackey and Tallman Penn Mutual Insurance Company at
51 West 3rd Street at the turn of the century. The Tallman was Harrison Tallman.

1 Ross Street and Market Street
The postcard on the left is probably from the early 1900's, but there are records of this house back to at least the 1880's.
The picture on the right was taken September 2014.
This is taken of Ross Street, facing east on Market. Just off the pictures to the left
is a set of steps, still visible as of 2014. The church is also still there, though hidden behind trees from this angle.

Grampian Boulevard
Simply called "The Boulevard" when this post card picture was taken in 1906, Grampian Boulevard was a wide dirt road.  The picture on the right was taken July 2014. 
 In both photos, the house on the left (215) is visible.  This house was owned by John E.D.Huffman, one of the "Sons" who owned
W.H.C. Huffman and Sons, a construction/architectural/engineering company that probably built 215 Grampian. 
His company was responsible for the building of several Williamsport landmarks including the Home for the Friendless.  Huffman was also director
of the Williamsport School District and undertook the erection of the Andrew G. Curtin Junior High School,
the Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School and he took great pride in designing and constructing the Stevens Junior High School.

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